A Final Farewell




I was going to frog this sweater a week or two ago, but some deadline knitting came up, and this guy got put on hold. This morning when I started to unpick the weird post-knitting fixes I made, I decided I needed to give this sweater a final farewell in its natural state. It’s three or four years old now, and I never wear it because it fits so strangely, so it’s time to turn it into something new. My plan is to take the yarn and knit a somewhat similar sweater out if it. I’m keeping the deep V, but it will be shaped better. The reverse stockinette and cables are going to go. The reverse stockinette caused some of the neckline problems I had, and I’m just kind of tired of cables. I’m planning on doing a deep, garter stitch collar, but it won’t be knit simultaneously. I’m going to pick up stitches from the finished sweater body. I’m hoping to keep the full sleeves, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn. We’ll see! That’s half of the fun of working from frogged garments; you have to get creative to deal with the yarn restrictions.





11 responses to “A Final Farewell”

  1. Those arms are fab – I’m glad you’re keeping those, but you’re right, that neck isn’t working so well. I like the cropped cut and the wee buttons … looking forward to the upgrade.

  2. Looking forward to its new incarnation!

  3. Haha – I love that you’re modeling it on TOP of another sweater! Good luck!

    1. Haha! I didn’t even think about that. I just wear my short sleeve sweaters like any old shirt.

  4. I really like the sleeves too. I hope you can keep them.

  5. Good luck with the old new sweater!

  6. You might be surprised how much yarn you actually have – cables can eat up yarn without you realizing it. Hope you create a new great sweater!

    1. Good point! This sweater also has quite a bit of positive ease so I’m hoping to discover that I have plenty of yarn.

      1. Manny

        Are you keeping the positive ease or are you going for more of a form-fitting sweater?

        1. I’m probably going to make it snugger through the body and hopefully keep the full sleeves. Right now the body has at least 2 inches of positive ease so it gaps away at the waist a little.

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