Summer Sewing Roundup 2017

I did a surprising amount of sewing this summer, compared to what I usually get done. Three dresses and three peasant blouses! You saw my OAL dress, but none of my other projects made it onto the blog. Now that summer is officially over, it feels like it’s well past time to share it all!

One of my first finished projects was another Butterick 5748 dress. This is one of my favorite patterns, and I’ve sewn quite a few versions of this dress. This one is in a fun gradient fabric, and I swapped the circle skirt for a gathered skirt to show it off. I also added pockets at the sides.

Another frequently used pattern, Butterick 4685 got put to work this summer! I made two different versions using a lace border fabric. I had planned the long version with the lace at the hem, but I kept thinking how fun it would be to have the details at the neckline. I managed to just barely squeeze out a second cropped version from my fabric. I didn’t have enough fabric for proper sleeves, so I added narrower ruffled straps.

I also made a floral version of Butterick 4685. I love woven tops, and I particularly like how these peasant blouses are more casual than my usual collared shirts. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and quick to make. I’ve got a handful now, but I don’t doubt that there will be more in my future.

Last but not least, I finally sewed up my Butterick 6055 in this bold black and red fabric. I’ve had this as a Vintage Pledge plan almost every year, but I kept procrastinating on it. My collar technique could use some practice, but it’s still cute and wearable. It’s perfect to wear to my part-time job.






5 responses to “Summer Sewing Roundup 2017”

  1. So many lovelies – I just used the circle skirt from B5748 on a different bodice, but I think I also want to use the notched bodice (with a different skirt though ;o). That one should count as a vintage pledge too – it’s a repro 60s pattern!

  2. i’m really loving the dressed, Andi, and am so glad that Constance Caddell brought you to us in her Instagram feed. Your cardigans are just the best – I’m a cardi addict – and I think what you’re doing for the knitting community is wonderful, I’m in the process of publishing the 4th magazine on yarn, this time the theme is Vintage, and I think I want to keep doing Vintage issues forever 🙂 So dear to my heart. I Love seeing what next you will do. Have a great week! Lu @wildaboutyarn @wildaboutbooksnprint

  3. ok, wow that yellow gradient dress is totally The.Best.Dress.Ever. 🙂

  4. ElaineChicago

    You’ve really been busy!! The clothing is beautiful and I especially like the gradient dress color.

  5. Helen Reinders

    These are all great!

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