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The Outfit Along starts today! I cast on my Anaheim using the long-tail method, and I’m working on US 8/5 mm needles. Yes, I had to go up a needle size for my own pattern! This is why it’s really important to knit a swatch and check your gauge. In my case, my gauge on the recommended needle size was different because I substituted a very different yarn from my original sample, Brooklyn Tweed Arbor.

This is the fourth year of the OAL, and the Untangling Knots blog is jam packed with useful posts these days. Here’s a list of blog posts that I think you might find useful for your Anaheims, and as always, you can find more informative posts on the Resources page.






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  1. I’ve read through your helpful FAQ and still have newby questions. I’ve knit my swatches and cast on. I love the way the stitch pattern looks and really want to knit the Anaheim. Now, I’m trying to understand your instructions and got stuck at the very beginning. I’m assuming that I knit row 1 and then knit row 2 and repeat these 2 rows 26 times (size M). I also am assuming that “work stitch pattern A” 9 times (size M) means working the stitch pattern within the row. In other words, work stitch pattern A until the last 2 stitches. I’m totally confused with the row after the Inc Row. I don’t know what “Purl to Stitch Pattern A” means? I hope you can help or refer me to other resources. I think that I can finish the sweater by the end of July if I don’t have to do a lot of ripping because I misunderstood the instructions. Thanks!

    1. Did you read the post called “What does work Stitch Pattern A mean?” I think it will answer a lot of your questions.

      1. Thanks for responding. I did read the post and it was very helpful. Although I understand how to do stitch pattern A, I’m still not sure about the number of times to repeat rows 1 and 2 in the instructions because it says repeat stitch pattern A 9 times. I think that I knit row 1, then knit row 2, then repeat rows 1 and 2 for 26 times for size M. I think with the row after the Inc Row, I purl to where stitch pattern A begins in the previous row. I’ll go reread the post “What does Stitch Pattern A mean?” to see if I missed something. Otherwise, I’ll just start knitting and hope I’m right. From looking at your picture and reading further in the instructions, I think that I am. Apparently, no one else is as unsure as I am.

        1. Christine

          I got stuck right there, too. I know how to work a stitch pattern, but in this case the main instructions only mention rows 1 and 2 of stitch pattern A, never mention rows 3 and 4. Only in the increase row it says “work stitch pattern A” which I assume means to work all 4 rows of the stitch pattern now (but the “increase row” is only one row, not 4 rows ???). Can someone please help! Thanks!

          1. I really recommend re-reading the blog post “What does work Stitch Pattern A mean?,” particularly the section on repeating with an example charted out that illustrates what’s happening.

            When you repeat the rows that say “Work Stitch Pattern,” you’re repeating the instructions, NOT the identical row, so you should be progressing through all of the rows in the stitch pattern. You work Row 1 and 2 of the stitch pattern first, but when you repeat the instructions, you’ll work Rows 3 and 4. The stitch pattern row numbers do not correspond with the body row numbers because the stitch pattern is much shorter than the body and has to be repeated over and over.

            One row is always just one row, so instructions to work the stitch pattern within a row NEVER means to work multiple rows.

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