Last month the new Cold Weather 2016 issue of Stranded Magazine came out, and I had a pattern in it that’s quite different from my usual cardigans. It’s called Blackcomb, and it’s a kitschy, stranded-colorwork, full-length, steeked cardigan with positive ease and a cozy shawl collar. The shape is simple, so you can focus on the colorwork, and it’s one of my favorite sweaters that I designed in 2016.

I was really expecting my family to tease me about Blackcomb. A lot of my family members are skiers, and I was too when I was a kid because I didn’t want to be left out. I don’t ski anymore, but these days I like to tag along when they go skiing and knit while they’re on the mountain, and I have a strong appreciation for the ski-bum aesthetic!

If you love Backcomb, you can get the pattern in the Cold Weather 2016 issue of Stranded Magazine, which, as always, is loaded up with great patterns, articles, and tutorials. Now would be a good time to cast on because we’re running a knit-along in the Stranded Magazine group for all of the patterns in this issue! Come join us.


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