Me Made May Days 11-17

Day11 Day12

Day 11: Marion – Day 12: Miette

Day13 Day14

Day 13: Hetty – Day 14: Hetty + Butterick 5748

Day16 Day18

Day 16: Marion – Day 17: Chuck + Vogue 8766

Past the halfway mark! I had a midcentury-themed housewarming party on Saturday for my new apartment, which was great although my gelatin mold was a failure. On Sunday, between the OAL announcement, Zinone’s release, cleaning up after my party, and family dinner, I didn’t have time to take a picture of my outfit, but I did wear a Me-Made piece. I wore my Zinnia with my favorite Hawaiian shirt and jeans. I wear that combination excessively on weekends because it’s a great combination of colorful and comfortable, so I’m sure it will make an appearance at some point.






3 responses to “Me Made May Days 11-17”

  1. Hélène

    Love all these outfits. And you look as good either with and without makeup!

    1. There aren’t any pictures where I’m not wearing makeup– just ones without lipstick.

  2. Great outfits — you have great style!

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