Me Made May Days 3-10

Day03 Day04

Day 3: Marion + Floral Linen Circle Skirt – Day 4: Grey Marion + Simplicity 1803

Day05 Day06

Day 5: Vianne + Chambray Butterick 5748 – Day 6: Hetty + Yellow Circle Skirt

Day07 Day08

Day 7: Linen Butterick 4685 – Day 8: Zinnia + Pre-blog PJ Pants

Day09 Day10

Day 9: Vianne + Vogue 8766 – Day 10: Penelope + Plaid Wool Circle Skirt

This was a pretty typical week for me. I worked on knitting stuff in the mornings and evenings, and I went to my part-time office job in the afternoons, so I wore the Seattle version of business casual. A dress with a cardigan is kind of my uniform, and sometimes I get wild and wear a full skirt with a button-down and cardigan. It occasionally feels like I wear the same outfit everyday because they’re all variations on the same theme, but I love it, so that’s okay, and I can mix things up on the weekend if I want to. Over the weekend I did some chores, and I also got a sinus infection, which I wish I could say wasn’t typical, but that happens to me a lot during allergy season. Not very exciting.



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2 responses to “Me Made May Days 3-10”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a uniform. You figure out what works for you and then repeat, I do the same. I’m a full skirt or swing dress and cardigan or skinny pants and full top kind of lady 🙂 You do make me want to dust off my sewing machine and make more skirts for myself.

  2. Jennifer Hill

    What gorgeous outfits! They all look fantastic. So creative. Jen

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