Choosing a Color for Penelope

Every year for the fall Untangling Knots KAL, I seem to choose a neutral color for my sweater, and I decided to stick with that for this year’s Penelope KAL. I know for sure that I’m going with black as my main color. I’ve been wish I had a mostly black cardigan, but since black hides textured stitches and lace patterns, it’s never felt like the right choice. I think this project is the perfect chance to use black because it will play nicely with the colorwork.


Now the hard decision is what color to use for the contrast! I was trying to decide between cream and grey using Valley Yarns Northfield, and I ended up ordering both colors so I could see them in person. I knit my Audrey in Unst using this yarn, so I’m not too worried about bleeding, and I just need to decide the best color.


The grey would probably be a more versatile color choice. I don’t like wearing cream and white together, but I don’t have any issues with wearing a variety of shades of grey. On the other hand, the heathered grey would give the sweater a less crisp look, I think. The colorwork would be more subtle as well because there’s less contrast.


Cream would look really nice, and there are only two real issues that I can think of with it. I wouldn’t want to wear it with white, and I’m also super clumsy, so light colored sweaters are always a bit of a risk for me! I’m leaning towards using the cream. Which would you choose?





6 responses to “Choosing a Color for Penelope”

  1. Constance

    I would choose the grey. However, I am very partial to grey. I do think the cream would look great though.

  2. I’m inclined to choose the cream, because it gives a clear look to the colourwork. Both options would make for a nice classic looking Penelope though.

  3. I’m a grey girl – but I think anything made out of this yarn is going to be gorgeous whichever you choose!

  4. Angelica

    Awesome design, indeed! My main colour would be black as well, the secondary … cream… sure,
    it fits better near my face 😉 By the way, black and cream or white are ‘in’ for this season, did you know that? Lol!

  5. Jo

    The grey looks really nice, however, if it was me I would go for the cream. I am obsessed by monochrome this season so it would be a no brainer for me. I am going to Yarndale, a yarn festival in Skipton in Yorkshire this weekend and am going to buy some yarn for my Penelope. I was going to watch from the sidelines but it’s too tempting. 🙂

  6. Sara A.

    I’d go with the cream, for sure! I just got a vision in my head and got really excited about the concept, but when I pictured the gray instead it just felt a little sad to me.

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