My OAL 2015 Outfit

Despite my dress issues, I’m so very happy with how this outfit turned out. It’s very comfortable and cute, and I’m looking forward to wearing it all of the time.

OAL_Final_Buttoned OAL_Final_Back

I knit and sewed the official patterns as written. At first I thought I might have to modify Vianne because I couldn’t get row gauge with my yarn, Hazel Knits Lively DK in Poppy, but changing to a different brand of needles that run a little smaller did the trick. No modifications needed! I chose the buttons because they reminded me of the motifs on my dress. Unfortunately they’re a little too small and I might need to swap them out eventually, but don’t they tie everything together well?

OAL_Final_Close OAL_Final_Unbuttoned

If you haven’t added your outfit to the OAL Finished Outfit thread on Ravelry, don’t forget to do so! Tomorrow is your last day to add an outfit and be eligible for prizes. This year we have four sets of prizes. Each of the four randomly selected winners will get two Untangling Knots patterns, one pattern from McCall’s, and one from Indie Stitches. Lauren will be drawing the winners on Monday, and the winners will get to pick their patterns. I want to say thank you to both McCall’s and Indie Stitches for donating patterns.






5 responses to “My OAL 2015 Outfit”

  1. Lovely outfit. They two go really well together. Red cardigans are always good!

  2. Jo

    Looks great. With the dress issues sorted you’ve now got a fantastic new outfit. Unfortunately I just couldn’t squeeze the OAL into my schedule. Not enough hours in the day but I have been busy admiring everyones creations.

  3. Great outfit, Andi! Hey, I just saw this on ModCloth and thought of your cardi:

  4. Cheryl Stern

    Fabulous! After reading your blog post about the problems with linen, here’s a question for you…..did you use iron on interfacing on the dress fabric before you sewed the lining in? If you did not stabilize the neckline curve before the lining was sewed in, it may have stretched, which could have caused the shoulders to go a-skew and the neckline not to lay flat. Since linen ravels without touching it, a stay-stitch in the direction of the grain is necessary to keep the shape on every curved seam. When I was learning how to sew back in the 1970’s, they told us to “Pet the Kitty” to discover which way to sew.

    I am so glad the dress feels good to wear, be cause it really does look stunning on you. And the cardigan in red…..what can I say? With your coloring it will go a long, long way.

    I am loving knitting your patterns and participating in the OAL2015. Unfortunately, my dress will take a little longer to finish because it has all been an experiment thus far. Thank you so much for inspiring me to get back to creating clothing. I look forward to the discovery of it all….. 😀

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