Nearing the Finish Line


A lot of finished Viannes are popping up in the OAL thread on Ravelry, but don’t worry if you’re not done yet! We still have three weeks left. I keep reminding myself that I have plenty of time to finish my dress.


My own Vianne is coming along nicely. I’m almost done with my second sleeve cap, and I think I can get the rest of the sleeve finished this weekend. That will leave just the button band to knit next week. I should have enough time to wash and block my cardigan before the OAL ends, although that doesn’t guarantee that it will happen. No matter when I finish, I always seem to end up blocking my KAL sweaters after the KAL is over.






3 responses to “Nearing the Finish Line”

  1. Your Vianne already looks lovely. And so does the dress you’re wearing!

  2. Sam

    Your Vianne looks lovely, the colour really suits you. I have a question though that I hoped you could answer for me that will settle a debate between my husband and me. Is Vianne pronounced V-eye-anne or v-ee-anne?

    1. Vee-anne! It’s a French name, and “i”s tend to make ee sounds instead of eye sounds in that language.

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