OAL Update

My camera is back in action, so I can finally share my OAL progress again!


I’m on my first sleeve on my Vianne, and I’ve just finished the short rows of the sleeve cap. I’m right on track for getting my sweater done in the next two weeks. As for the dress, well, as you can see I haven’t made any progress there. My original plan was to do a big chunk of it this weekend, but a heat wave hit the west coast, and I spent most of yesterday sitting in front of a fan, trying to move as little as possible. There’s still hope for today, though!






5 responses to “OAL Update”

  1. What a gorgeous color! The heat our part of the world is almost unbearable right now! But I am still knitting a wool shawl 🙂 Knitters are incorrigible!

  2. I agree, such a gorgeous red!

  3. Elizabeth

    The color is gorgeous! Don’t you have A/C? We switched over from heat in March this year. Can’t live with hot weather. Try putting a pan of ice next to your fan so it can blow over it and make the air cool. We have lived without A/C years ago and found many ways to get cool air with ice and fans. looking forward to seeing your finished Vianne.

    1. Nope, no A/C! Normal Seattle summer weather is in the 55-75 F range, so A/C is pretty rare in residences. It’s really unusual for it to get in the 90s like it did, especially in June.

  4. It is looking so lovely!!! That colour…dreamy!

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