Casting On Vianne


Let’s do this! Since the shoulder gives a lot of structure to the sweater, I’d recommend using a sturdier cast-on method like the cabled cast-on or long tail cast-on. I chose the cabled cast-on method for my sweater.


If you’re not confident about being able to read your knitting or you’re newer to working with lace and/or panels, try digging out four extra stitch markers and using them to divide the back into five sections- two stockinette sides, two lace panels, and one large mesh section. While not necessary to follow the pattern, those extra markers can help you avoid mistakes and figure out where the problem popped up if something does go wrong.


A lot of people in the OAL thread have talked about knitting a plain back, and that’s an easy mod that requires a quick little bit of math. Because the mesh is so stretchy, it requires fewer stitches than stockinette would, so you’ll need to cast on additional stitches. To figure out how many stitches for yourself, you’d need to multiply the shoulder width for your size (which can be found on the schematic) by the stitches per inch. Round up or down to the nearest odd whole number. Knitting a plain back will use more yarn than the pattern lists, so be sure to pick up extra if you’re planning on using this modification. You’ll also end up with more stitches at the waist, so you’ll either want to add in a few extra decreases at the side, or drop down a needle size or two when you work the ribbing.

I think it’s best to take ownership of your modification and do the math yourself, but if you’d like to check your work, to knit a plain back you should cast on approximately 61 (65, 71, 77, 79, 81, 81) stitches.






10 responses to “Casting On Vianne”

  1. Andrea

    I am definitely using the extra stitch markers! Will use all the help I can get to stay organized. Casting on today and definitely trying to stay on schedule with this.

  2. Cheryl Stern

    Using extra markers…aye! I even put one on either side of the center back stitch. Cable cast-on was my choice…. but Idecided to do the mesh back. Here’s my next concern… bicep measures 1.5 inches larger than the schematic for my size, which is always a challenge for me. Looking forward to learning how to make the adjustments.

    1. Janice

      Thanks for the suggestion to mark the center back stitch as well! Really helps.

  3. I did the long tail cast on, it’s the one I always use. Had no idea it had a name, haha. The stitch markers are a smart idea! What I’ve been doing is after I cast on the middle stitch I count and make sure there are 30 stitches on one side and 29 on the other (size medium). Using stitch markers is so much smarter!

  4. This may seem like a silly question but I just want to confirm before I do too much work. When you write “repeat the previous 2 row __ times” you means rows 2 and 3 a total of 26 times, row 2 26 times and row 3 26 times, correct?

    1. Yes, 2 rows getting repeated x times gives you 2x rows.

      1. Kathy durmick

        I never know which row I am suppose to be on when the pattern says Work panel A Same problem PanelB

        1. If you check the Resources tab, you’ll find links to blog posts that may help you.

  5. Anne

    I have just discovered this blog through Pinterest! What a great blog!! I would really like to try and catch up with the OAL. What a great idea and how fun! I bought the knitting pattern on ravelry and picked out my yarn. I have some to begin and the rest is on order. ( they were able to get the same dye lot ordered so that I can get started). I have a really busy family weekend to get ready for , but I will dive into this on Monday! I can’t wait! The knitting looks challenging, but as long as my gauge comes out OK, I think I will get a great start this coming week. I also got my sewing pattern and fabric. That will be a very BIG challenge for me! I’m excited to give it a try! I was wondering, since I have never participated in anything like this before, do I need to “sign up”. Anywhere? Is there a place to post pictures of yarn, progress etc.??? I hope am posting this in the right place.

    1. I replied to your other comment, but in case you missed it, clicking the badge in the left sidebar will take you to the post with everything you need to know about the OAL!

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