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Here’s what I’ve got planned for the Outfit Along! I’m going to knit my second Vianne using Hazel Knits Lively DK in the Poppy color. I need to double check my swatches after letting them hang out a bit (literally), and there’s a slight chance I’ll need to do a row gauge modification, but I’m optimistic and overall the yarn is a good match. It’s a wool and nylon blend, and it should make for a nice, hard-wearing cardigan.


My fabric on the other hand might be a questionable choice. I had my heart set on a mostly blue or yellow cotton floral with touches of red, but my ideal fabric was nowhere to be found. I roamed around Pacific Fabrics, admiring all the pink and orange florals, but I wasn’t finding anything that went with my yarn. At this point I realized that I should have picked my fabric and then chosen my yarn because there are far more options with yarn than fabric. But I kept looking and went to District Fabric. They also didn’t have what I had in mind, but I kept coming back to this wide roll of linen fabric in the front. The motifs are really weirdly randomly placed and not my usual style, but I kept coming back to it, so I finally decided that it was the one. I wasn’t sure if linen was the best choice for the pattern, but it’s what I liked best. Then I found out that there were only slightly over two yards left. And for some strange reason I still went for it. When I got home, I roughly laid out the pattern pieces, and it seems like it will work. I think it will make a cute dress, especially with the extra large motifs broken up a bit, but I’m still not sure what it is about this fabric that I love so much.

Am I nuts for using linen with this pattern? What yarn and fabric are you using?






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  1. That fabric is AMAZING and I have no idea why.

  2. Daphne

    I don’t know enough about sewing to comment on the fabric but I love the color of that yarn. It inspires me to use red on one of my next projects. I tend to get in a rut and mainly use grey and blue.

  3. Laken

    Oooh i love them both! That red is gorgeous!
    I have a Debbie bliss rialto dk in grass winging it’s way to me and a black cotton with multi colored bikes printed on it

  4. Cheryl Stern

    They totally work together. Linen is a fine choice, it just means you will need to run a plain sewing stitch 10-12 stitches per inch all of the way around each pattern piece before you start to sew. Be sure to ‘pet the kitty’ before you sew, which means to make sure your stitches go with the grain on the cut of each seam. IF the direction you are sewing causes the fabric to fray, you are going the wrong way. It does not matter if you are sewing on the right or wrong side of the fabric at this point. You will need to pay special attention to all of the seams at finish time, maybe even select a nice polyester lining fabric. At the bust, you will need to run a ‘stay stitch’ between the notches at 1/2″ seam allowance to prevent your clips from fraying through the seam. Ditto at the neckline. These instructions should all be included in your pattern envelope on the instruction sheet. If you are short on fabric, you can do what the pattern shows to do and select a darker color for the side panels. This application is popular right now. The selections are just fabulous!

    1. Thank you! That’s really helpful advice.

  5. maeve

    I really like your fabric choice, it looks like an Indian block print pattern. Linen sounds extra breezy too!

  6. Andrea

    I’ll be really interested in how you place your pattern pieces over the motif(s). You don’t have a lot of fabric to spare, so maybe the choices will be limited but it will be interesting to see!

    1. I really want to break up the larger motifs, so I think that will make things easier to lay out. If I wanted to center one on the front bodice piece, that would probably be a serious challenge if it’s even possible!

  7. LeAnn

    I’ll be using Juniper Moon Zooey (linen/cotton blend) in a Kelly green for the cardi. The fabric is a paisley print in greens, yellows and turquoise on a fuschia background in a quilting cotton that I picked up at Wal-mart, of all places. It just leapt off the shelf and into my arms.

  8. Jamie b

    Love the fabric, can’t believe you found that at pacific fabrics. I was alittle disappointed in their fashion fabric lately. Love Distric Fabrics. I actually got my fabric from a quilt shop (Keepsake in Bothell) it has cherries on it and was on he sale table. I bought it awhile ago not knowing what I was going to do with it, but knew I needed it. My yarn is a cherry red-yellow-green verigayed. Knitting is not my strong suit so worry it might take me a bit to get through it, but this has been great motivation.

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