Me Made May Days 17-23

Day17 Day18
Day 17: Plain Jane – Day 18: Yellow Circle Skirt
Day19 Day20
Day 19: Marion – Day 20: From A to Z
Day21 Day22
Day 21: Hetty #2 + Striped Butterick 5748 – Day 22: Hetty #1 + Strawberry Print Butterick 5748
Day 23: From A to Z
P.S. I recently added a request page for blog posts! It’s up there on the menu bar next to “Useful Posts.” I can’t guarantee that a request will turn into a post, but now you can easily tell me what you’d like to see.



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One response to “Me Made May Days 17-23”

  1. Jo

    Some great outfits Andi. I know that it isn’t ‘Me Made’ but I love the red belt that you’re wearing on days 17 and 18. It really sets off the rest of your outfit.

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