Local Color Raglan


I finished my yellow raglan before I left for my knitting group’s retreat, but it took me a little time to find the right buttons. I really wanted contrasting buttons, and I settled on these ones, but now I’m having second thoughts. These buttons looked perfect yesterday when it was overcast, but today it’s super sunny, and they glow in a way that I’m not quite sure about.


But it’s easy enough to swap out the buttons, and the important thing is that the sweater turned out great. I’m really happy with everything about it, except perhaps my timing. It’s a fairly heavy, cozy sweater, and I probably won’t get to really wear it until next fall.


The yarn I used is Local Color Fiber Studio’s Columbia Imperial Worsted, and it has a nice woolly feel to it that is pleasant without being ridiculously soft. I suspect that it will wear really well. Local Color are local dyers based out on Bainbridge Island, and their work is really cool. They dyed American wool using natural dyes, and the yarn comes labeled with the dye source instead of a colorway name. This beautiful yellow came from onion skins, and all of the skeins came with a little tag with an onion on it.


What do you think of the buttons? Should I switch them out for a different shade of red? Or maybe blue?






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  1. Lovely cardigan and perfectly fitted. My next project is my first Raglan – I can’t wait – the Miette.

    I think maybe a turquoise blue would go better with the yellow. I like the buttons on the cuffs – a nice touch.

  2. Constance

    First off, this cardigan is simply gorgeous. I just adore the garter ribbing.

    The buttons are beautiful against that yellow. I especially like that they tie together with the buttons on the sleeve cuff. However, for versatility neutral buttons may work better (maybe ivory or even tarnished gold).

  3. Great cardi! Personally, I love the orange buttons. I like the way they look with your lipstick and the dress in the pictures. Blue could be nice, too. Picking buttons is one of my favorite problems to contemplate. Nice job!

  4. Melanie Joseph

    Cute cardi. I think I’d go complementary and try periwinkle blue or whatever that blue is in your dress.

  5. kate


    The contrasting buttons are great, but you’re right about these not being right. A denser red would be great or a navy might be nice too.

  6. Angelica

    Hi Andy! Love your cardigan and those orange buttons look great but I think blue with very smart as well. It fits you so well… very few times I get such a perfect result! 😉 Congrats!

  7. Evelyne

    I must say that I really like the red buttons. (They look red on my screen.) I think that they are perfect! … but I also know that YOU are the one who needs to think that they are perfect. Blue or orange would be pretty cool too, but I am a fan of the red and yellow contrast.

    1. They are red, but it’s definitely an orange-toned red!

  8. Ann

    You did a fabulous job of this I love raglan sleeved garments they are so comfy to wear. I knitted a cardigan and couldnt decide on the colour of buttons so I used clear ones and they look so cool!

  9. Dianna

    I think smaller blue buttons would look amazing!! And that sleeve cuff details is too good.

  10. Deborah

    Again, another beautiful sweater. From one whom has knitted almost all of your sweater patterns, I cannot wait to make this one. On the issue of buttons, I’d try the blue. Great job.

  11. Once again, Success! The sweater looks great and the fit is beautiful. As far as the buttons go, for me, I think the buttons are a bit to “orange/red”. The first thing I thought of was perhaps a light barn red or and strong shell peach. I just love the buttons added to the sleeves. Outstanding!!! will be looking for the pattern.

    Happy Knitting Ya’ll

  12. gorgeous sweater!! The shaping looks perfect, and I love the pop of red for the buttons.

  13. Pamela

    Red that match that fabulous lipstick you wear maybe. Or Aqua?

  14. Louise

    Delightful sweater; perfect buttons. Don’t change a thing!

  15. Jo

    I like the idea of cherry red buttons or for a different sort of contrast wooden ones. I love the diamond shape detailing on the cardigan and garter rib. Something a wee bit different. Great design which fits you perfectly. I look forward to it being released.

  16. Hey Andi! I really like the cardigan, it turned out great and how it fits! I also like the photos, you look so likeable when you’re smiling 🙂
    I am not sure about the buttons. On the first glance I thought they were too much, but on the second I kind of like them!

  17. Wonderful cardigan! I’d love one like this for myself. About the buttons, I always go for more neutral colors so that they don’t limit the pairing with different garments.

  18. The buttons are perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  19. What a sunny cardigan! It’s just darling, and I think the red buttons look perfect for it.

  20. Nicole

    The red buttons with the yellow yarn remind me of ketchup and mustard, which isn’t my favorite combo ever (although I do love both colors separately, and ketchup the condiment). I think blue would be gorgeous: blue sky, yellow sun!

  21. Elaine in Chicago

    The sweater is so pretty and looks so good on you. Raglan sleeves are my new favorites. Personally, I love the buttons but any high contrast would probably look good too.

  22. Very cute cardigan! I love the details and the color. I think wooden buttons in blonde color, maybe edged with dark crown.

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