Retreat Knitting


I mentioned in my last post that I got a lot of knitting done at my knitting group’s retreat, and here’s some of it! I started a new sweater project based on an old one. I finished the upper back and upper right front, and I’m working on the upper left front.


Right now it’s pretty bunched up on my needles, but here’s a better look at the back! When I made my first version of this design, I had originally wanted to knit it using this color combination, but I couldn’t find the right orange, so I went with red. I just adore how the scallops look in these colors. The yarn is Sincere Sheep Luminous, and it’s nice and vibrant.






2 responses to “Retreat Knitting”

  1. Tammy

    Beautiful – you knit Really fast!!

  2. Emily

    I love that color combo and the scallops are charming. How fun!

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