Cabot – A New Hat Pattern


Earlier this year I knit my roommate a hat as a belated Christmas present, and I got a lot of requests for the pattern. I hadn’t been planning on writing one up when I started her hat. I really just designed it on the fly and only had a few rough notes scribbled on a sticky note, but I found myself wanting my own version of the hat and thought, “Why not?” So I wrote a proper pattern based on my notes, knit a few samples, got it edited, and here we are!


The hat pattern is called Cabot, and it’s a nice, simple knit that has just enough texture to keep things interesting. The beanie is knit from the bottom up with a ribbed cuff and stockinette and reverse stockinette triangles. To finish things off, centered double decreases make for a neat, tidy crown. It’s a good project for beginner knitters who are looking to practice their pattern reading skills, and for experienced knitters, it’s a fast, intuitive project that has a great rhythm to it.


It’s officially spring, and the weather is (hopefully) warming up, so a wool hat might not be an essential part of an outfit anymore, but I’ve been carrying around my Cabot in my purse for when it’s unexpectedly chilly. It’s nice to have it there as backup while the weather transitions because spring in Seattle can be a bit unpredictable. I’m always happy to have my cheerful, red hat when a sunny day suddenly turns into a cold, rainy one.


The hat was knit using Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio worsted on US 8/5 mm needles. You can find the pattern in the Untangling Knots Pattern Shop for $5.00 or you can get Cabot on Ravelry.





4 responses to “Cabot – A New Hat Pattern”

  1. What a rich color and texture!

  2. Lorene Frischknecht

    Such a pretty pattern! I like it very much!

  3. gorgeous hat! I love the slouch, too. looks perfect.

  4. We’re coming into Spring here too but that is definitely going to be my hat for next winter, I may have to shamelessly copy the colour too, it’s perfect!

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