New Things

What is it about casting on a new project? There’s something extra satisfying about casting on something new. It’s right up there with finishing a project and wearing it for the first time.


I recently cast on a new sweater project, and I’m kind of in love with it even though I had a bit of a rough start. After playing with a bunch of variations on the same stitch pattern, I settled on one and then I copied over the directions for the wrong variation! It only took me two vertical repeats to see something was wrong, and I was able to rip back and start over without wasting too much time.






2 responses to “New Things”

  1. I’m glad you caught it after only a couple repeats!! I hate having to go really far back on projects.

    Katie =^..^=

  2. I love casting on! There’s something so satisfying about it that I feel like I might finish the project right away! That’s generally never the case since I tend to knit sweaters most of the time, but it still feels like it!

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