My Finished Giant Granny Square


This week is going to be full of old projects that I finally finished! I started this blanket a really long time ago in late April of 2013. I was working at a magazine at the time, and things at work had gotten pretty stressful so I was usually too fried to want to work on something that required thinking. This blanket was the perfect project because I just had to crochet around and around without ever doing any math, counting anything, or worrying about fit.


After I started designing full time, I didn’t work on this blanket very often because I was always busy with other projects. In 2014, I think I only crocheted five or six rounds, although it’s worth pointing out that five or six rounds towards the end took a very long time. The last two rounds of the blanket which I did recently took up almost an entire skein of yarn. I had been hoping to get a full repeat of the white stripe and a full repeat of a yellow stripe, but I ran out of white yarn before I could do the third round of the stripe, and I knew then that I didn’t have enough yellow yarn to squeeze out two rounds.


It truly is just a giant granny square. Here in the center, you can see that I started out the way you would for a normal sized granny square, and I just kept going until I ran out of yarn. If I remember correctly, I used two skeins each of the three colors, and then I believe I used seven skeins of the white. I didn’t buy enough white in the beginning, and I had to run out and get more. I really underestimated how much yarn I needed. The yarn is Cascade 128, and I did the whole thing with a 8mm hook. I think my gauge did change a little because when I hang the blanket, the center does bubble out a bit, but when the blanket is laid flat, you can’t really tell. The whole thing ended up being a few inches over four feet square. It’s just the right size for curling up on my love seat.







13 responses to “My Finished Giant Granny Square”

  1. This is so cute! What an innovative use of the granny square. And the colors are so fresh and bright!

  2. I love this!! Absolutely gorgeous. I definitely need to make a giant granny square blanket!

  3. My mum made me a giant granny square when I was a kid, but it’s all one color. This really makes me want a stripes one too!

  4. Beth

    It looks lovely – bright and cheerful.
    Have you seen this one? I think a straight-jacket may be in order for this crocheter

    1. That’s impressive, but all I can think of is how awkward it must be to work on it! Do you think he moves around instead of rotating his work?

      1. Beth

        At a certain size it would make sense to spread it on a table and move around the table, wouldn’t it.
        I simply would not have the patience to get beyond the size of yours, so I appreciate the strength of character and perseverance involved.
        I’m terribly impressed to see a man yarn-bombing. I have nothing negative to say about him at all. Blessings only 🙂

  5. This is a massive blanket! I love the color combination, and congratulations for finishing it!

  6. That is so cool! This must feel so therapeutic – both the making and the finishing! We are getting some new sofas shortly and I was looking for ideas for bright blankets for them – this would be perfect.

  7. J Mull

    It’s so pretty. Well done. And I once made a crocheted tree skirt and had that same magical–each next row takes SO MUCH LONGER because it’s growing. Gah!

    That said… ahem, what pattern did you do this from? I want to make it!

    1. There’s no pattern. It’s just a basic, traditional granny square with a lot more rounds than what you typically see.

  8. So great! Love the colours you’ve chosen – I’m sure you’ll treasure it for a long time!

  9. Daphne

    I love the colors. I like the idea of making one large granny square. I just finished a granny square blanket. It took me over 2 years to finish because I got distracted by other projects. I am glad I am not the only one who has projects that take me a long time to complete.

    1. Blankets are so much work! I’m always amazed by people who get them done quickly because I don’t know how they make that happen.

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