This week is going to be full of old projects that I finally finished! I started this blanket a really long time ago in late April of 2013. I was working at a magazine at the time, and things at work had gotten pretty stressful so I was usually too fried to want to work on something that required thinking. This blanket was the perfect project because I just had to crochet around and around without ever doing any math, counting anything, or worrying about fit.


After I started designing full time, I didn’t work on this blanket very often because I was always busy with other projects. In 2014, I think I only crocheted five or six rounds, although it’s worth pointing out that five or six rounds towards the end took a very long time. The last two rounds of the blanket which I did recently took up almost an entire skein of yarn. I had been hoping to get a full repeat of the white stripe and a full repeat of a yellow stripe, but I ran out of white yarn before I could do the third round of the stripe, and I knew then that I didn’t have enough yellow yarn to squeeze out two rounds.


It truly is just a giant granny square. Here in the center, you can see that I started out the way you would for a normal sized granny square, and I just kept going until I ran out of yarn. If I remember correctly, I used two skeins each of the three colors, and then I believe I used seven skeins of the white. I didn’t buy enough white in the beginning, and I had to run out and get more. I really underestimated how much yarn I needed. The yarn is Cascade 128, and I did the whole thing with a 8mm hook. I think my gauge did change a little because when I hang the blanket, the center does bubble out a bit, but when the blanket is laid flat, you can’t really tell. The whole thing ended up being a few inches over four feet square. It’s just the right size for curling up on my love seat.


    • That’s impressive, but all I can think of is how awkward it must be to work on it! Do you think he moves around instead of rotating his work?

      • At a certain size it would make sense to spread it on a table and move around the table, wouldn’t it.
        I simply would not have the patience to get beyond the size of yours, so I appreciate the strength of character and perseverance involved.
        I’m terribly impressed to see a man yarn-bombing. I have nothing negative to say about him at all. Blessings only 🙂

  • That is so cool! This must feel so therapeutic – both the making and the finishing! We are getting some new sofas shortly and I was looking for ideas for bright blankets for them – this would be perfect.

  • It’s so pretty. Well done. And I once made a crocheted tree skirt and had that same magical–each next row takes SO MUCH LONGER because it’s growing. Gah!

    That said… ahem, what pattern did you do this from? I want to make it!

  • I love the colors. I like the idea of making one large granny square. I just finished a granny square blanket. It took me over 2 years to finish because I got distracted by other projects. I am glad I am not the only one who has projects that take me a long time to complete.

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