Pete’s Hat


This is a Christmas knit, but since my cousin Pete has said on many occasions that he doesn’t read my blog, I feel like I’m safe sharing this project with you before Christmas. Last year for Christmas I knit my cousin a hat, and he has worn it almost nonstop since. Even in the summer he told me he used it to keep his wallet and phone bundled together when he went to the gym. He loved and appreciated it so much that I offered to knit him another hat for Christmas this year. I asked him what color he wanted, expecting it to be something interesting because last year he asked for neon green, and he said brown. I will admit that I asked him if he was sure three or four times. I’m not a huge brown yarn fan, and I was a little disappointed that he didn’t want something more wild. But his reasoning was that brown would go with everything so he could wear the hat all the time, and I can’t really argue with that.


Thankfully I found a great brown yarn shortly after we had that conversation. I discovered this skein of Black Trillium Yarns Pebble Worsted in the Nutmeg colorway at a booth in the Knit Fit market, and its variegated shades of brown won me over. I decided to knit Pete’s hat during Lee Meredith’s game knitting event at Knit Fit, and I went with simple, single purl stitches as my action. At Knit Fit we played to 10 Things I Hate About You, and I finished off my hat using some cues I came up with for old murder mysteries. For example, I’d purl a bump every time there was dramatic music or every time someone said “Miss” in a Miss Marple movie. I really enjoy game knitting, and the texture I ended up with works well with the variegated yarn. I think my cousin will like this hat as much as his old one.






3 responses to “Pete’s Hat”

  1. Kaeleigh

    The game knitting idea is brilliant! I spree-watch a lot of things, and this is a very cool way to move the knitting along.

  2. Love the idea of a knitting game. Great hat.

  3. Lisa S.

    I think he’ll love it.

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