Quarry – A New Pullover Pattern

Quarry_Front_FayeSchiano Quarry_Side_FayeSchiano

The winter 2014 issue of Twist Collective is out, and I’ve got a pattern in it! It’s called Quarry, and it’s a cute, seamless, cropped pullover with a graphic, stranded colorwork yoke. The sweater body is knit from the bottom up, and the shoulders are joined with a three-needle bind off. The sleeves are knit seamlessly from the top down using short rows to shape the sleeve cap.


This is my sketch from my proposal. The inspiration board for this section of patterns had lots of grey, black, and white drawings, and I just loved the bold punch of it. I wanted to come up with something that stood out but was very clean looking, and the crisscrossing lines with varying spacing seemed like the perfect match. I’m really happy with how this design evolved. You can get the pattern from Twist Collective, or you can add it to your queue or purchase Quarry on Ravelry.
Photos from Twist Collective copyright Faye Schiano.





4 responses to “Quarry – A New Pullover Pattern”

  1. Constance

    This is a beautiful design. The color work is unique and really adds to the pullover. I also really like the way it is styled. The pop of red tights are right up my alley 🙂

    1. I can totally imagine you wearing that outfit.

  2. Kaeleigh

    Looks awesome! The colourwork at the top is such a good way to bring a little something to a conventional pullover.

  3. Jo

    Another great design Andi. The pattern at the top to me has a hint of Art Deco about it which is a period I love.

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