Jo’s Agatha Cardigan

I had a lot of fun sharing all of those sweaters with you when I rounded up favorite fall sweaters, and I decided to start a new feature highlighting some of the fabulous FOs knit from my patterns. There’s a lot of good stuff in the finished projects sections on Ravelry, and I want to show it off!

Jo_Agatha_01 Jo_Agatha_02

Today I’m sharing Jo‘s beautiful, purple, custom-fitted Agatha. This cardigan jumped out at me when I was browsing through projects because of that gorgeous bright color. I often find myself drawn to this color of purple when I’m shopping for yarn, but I never know what to do with it. I think Jo used it perfectly here. I also really like how she styled her cardigan. She paired it with a wool circle skirt that she sewed herself, and it makes such a cute outfit.

Jo_Agatha_03 Jo_Agatha_04

I asked her if she had anything to add about her project, and she said, “I love this design’s mix of ribbing and lace. The lace is romantic and the ribbing creates structure… This is one of the first patterns I added to my Ravelry favourites when I started learning how to knit. The note I put on it was ‘Super cute… Maybe I can make this one day!’” Jo blogs at Making It Well and is pinkcatflower on Ravelry. She originally wrote about her cardigan here on her blog, and you can find her notes on the modifications she made to get a perfect fit on her Ravelry project page.





5 responses to “Jo’s Agatha Cardigan”

  1. Thanks for featuring my agatha! I’m not sure all my sizing mods were 100% necessary due to the forgiving nature of lace but I’m very happy with the fit 🙂 I love this cardy and I totally want to make another one! 🙂 and guys I promise it’s not as hard as it looked to my beginner eyes 🙂 looking forward to seeing more posts in this series!

  2. ramona

    Great idea. Showing different modifikations of your designs can be fun

  3. Well deserved praise for Jo’s Agatha! I would like to explore modding (totally a word) on one of my knits and Jo’s posts are always helpful for this. I’ve started wearing my Agatha now that the weather is turning and it is so cosy!

  4. Jo

    What a gorgeous colour and it was very interesting to read how Jo modified Agatha. I too would be between the xs and s. Between Jo’s modifications and your new guide to seamless sweaters this is the inspiration I need to get one knitted. After I’ve finished my MarionKAL mind.

  5. Deborah

    I love the color! I made mine in a pecan color but now I have to knit one in purple. You did a great job and it looks great on you!

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