Your Favorite Fall Sweaters

So many beautiful sweaters! A few people blogged about their favorites, like Constance who went through all of her favorite sweaters. Nisse shared two of her favorites, a pullover and a cardigan. Amy wasn’t sure if she could pick just one, but in the end, she had a clear winner. Heather dug out a forgotten favorite for her blog post. Faith listed her requirements for her favorite fall sweater and showed off the piece that meets them all. Cherry Darling dressed up her favorite fall sweater with a lovely new felt brooch. And then there were a few people who simply shared their project pages. Emily’s Rainbow Quest is her favorite fall sweater. Meg’s Lanata and the sweater she knit on her Iceland trip are here two favorites. Joanne chose her lacy Erin sweater. Katie shared her lovely Looking Back. Sabs chose her adorable Owls as her favorite. Thank you to everyone who shared their sweater with me!






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  1. Jo

    Lovely collection of sweaters. Thank you for sharing them all. I definitely found some inspiration to maybe knit some new favourites.

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