My Almost Finished Capelet


The ends are woven in and it’s blocked. All my capelet is missing is the perfect clasp. It’s been surprisingly difficult to track one down. My usual fabric store has a great fabric selection, but its notions leave a lot to be desired. They only stock one metal clasp, and it’s gold and all wrong for this project. I have a few crafty alternatives up my sleeve, but I had my heart set on a metal clasp, so I’m going to keep looking for a bit longer.


My capelet was knit from the bottom up using Sincere Sheep Luminous on 4.5 mm needles. The collar and body were knit separately and then joined using a three needle bind off so it was totally seamless.







18 responses to “My Almost Finished Capelet”

  1. I have, somewhat surprisingly, found great clasps at Jo-Ann’s. Although my favorite ever are a set I bought at a ren faire, which isn’t very helpful for you.

    Also this is gorgeous and I want one.

    1. I used to always drool over the clasps, shawl pins, and buttons at the Ren Faire, but I haven’t been to one since I moved to Seattle. I should look into that. It might not be an immediate solution, but I feel like I can never have too many notions in my stash.

  2. It’s lovely. What about using a pretty brooch?

  3. Constance

    This is so beautiful and perfect for Fall. I am cold-natured and I love draping things over my shoulders. This would be functional and elegant at the same time. I hope you find your perfect clasp.

  4. erinalter

    this is really, really lovely! i believe you said a pattern might come from this??? i can hardly wait!

  5. it is beautiful! But I agree, the perfect clasp cannot be rushed. Have you taken a look on Etsy or Ebay? I’m often surprised by what they have on there for finishings like this.

  6. This is stunning! I can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern. So elegant.

  7. Just lovely. Very much hope you release this as a pattern! 🙂

  8. Lisa S.

    You need to visit Nancy’s Sewing Basket.


  9. Lisa Marie

    Oh my! This is gorgeous! I have already bought the perfect yarn for this (assuming it’s in a heavy worsted/Aran/5.5mm ish)! Can’t wait to get my grabby hands on the pattern. Much excite!

    1. It’s actually a DK weight yarn, believe it or not.

      1. Lisa Marie

        Oh! Well… it might still work. On 4mm or 4.5? Meh… doesn’t matter either way really! I’ll still be getting this pattern when it’s available!

  10. This is truly lovely! I’m also looking forward to getting your pattern for this!!

  11. Patricia

    I actually gasped when I saw this. So lovely.

  12. Tina

    I love it, very nice.

  13. Tina

    It would look nice with a handmade pottery button and a loop.

  14. Kristina

    Yes! I want one, even though I already have about a dozen projects going. Have you considered a vintage sweater clip? I’ve seen some cool ones on Etsy.

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