Last week I knit my little half fingers like I planned, and I just didn’t love them. They didn’t look like anything special when they were flat, and I when I put them on, they still didn’t look like anything special. I also didn’t particularly love the way the fabric felt between my fingers. If I had been working with a strict deadline and knitting to match a proposal, I probably would have left the fingers the way they were. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, but I felt like I could find something better, and there was nothing keeping me from trying new things.


So I ripped back and started playing around with some different options. I knew I wanted to do something more interesting than ribbing or i-cord, and the first thing I tried was a sideways leaf edging. I really liked the soft scalloped edge it created, but the leaves just weren’t the look I was going for. The leaves featured eyelets and didn’t have very clean lines, and they made the glove look like someone else had designed it. I decided to shrink them down, swap out the eyelets for m1s, and gave them another try. That’s how I ended up with these sweet little scallops. I think they’re just perfect, so now it’s time to knit the right glove!


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