Perks of Self Publishing


Last week I knit my little half fingers like I planned, and I just didn’t love them. They didn’t look like anything special when they were flat, and I when I put them on, they still didn’t look like anything special. I also didn’t particularly love the way the fabric felt between my fingers. If I had been working with a strict deadline and knitting to match a proposal, I probably would have left the fingers the way they were. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, but I felt like I could find something better, and there was nothing keeping me from trying new things.


So I ripped back and started playing around with some different options. I knew I wanted to do something more interesting than ribbing or i-cord, and the first thing I tried was a sideways leaf edging. I really liked the soft scalloped edge it created, but the leaves just weren’t the look I was going for. The leaves featured eyelets and didn’t have very clean lines, and they made the glove look like someone else had designed it. I decided to shrink them down, swap out the eyelets for m1s, and gave them another try. That’s how I ended up with these sweet little scallops. I think they’re just perfect, so now it’s time to knit the right glove!






4 responses to “Perks of Self Publishing”

  1. It is so much fun hearing how your plans knit, unknit, and reknit themselves into something fabulous! What an inspiration! These are so fun!

  2. Those scallops are super cute! We’re all glad you get to expiriment, too 🙂

  3. Caitlin

    PLEASE tell me you’ll post a pattern for these? They are beyond adorable & I could use some for my late summer/early fall wardrobe! :^)

    1. Yep! That’s what the title of the post was alluding to. The pattern should come out around July.

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