New Hat Pattern: Charlie


I’m excited to introduce you to my new colorwork beanie pattern, Charlie. The pattern features a turned hem brim that can be left down like I’m wearing it in the picture above, or it can be turned up to show off a fun little spotted detail. The hat is knit using Spincycle Yarn Dyed in the Wool and Cascade 220 sport on 3.25 mm needles. The Dyed in the Wool is really the star of the show here. Its color transitions really add something special to this hat, and it makes the best fluffy pompoms. Charlie looks great without the pompom, but I love the playfulness of a good pompom.


This pattern comes in two sizes, and I’m wearing the smaller size. It fits me with a few inches of negative ease. The snug fit is good for windy days and bad weather. Because the hat doesn’t have a ribbed band, negative ease helps it stay in place. Carl, my cousin, is wearing the larger size. I’d guess that it fits him with zero ease, and on me, the larger size has positive ease. I usually prefer zero or positive ease in my hats because it doesn’t cause hat hair, but when the weather gets crazy, it’s nice to have a snug fitting hat in the collection!


You can get Charlie for $5 right now, or you can check out Charlie in the shop section, or add it to your queue on Ravelry!





8 responses to “New Hat Pattern: Charlie”

  1. Very nice pattern!

  2. Great hat! I specially like the grey version you’re wearing. =)

  3. What a fabulous hat!! I love the design, and the pom pom rocks.

  4. That extra little brim detail is fantastic! It really shows off your eye for detail.

  5. I love it! I too have a thing for pompoms and I really like how well the different colourwork sections flow together.

  6. Lisa


    So… does positive ease mean it’s baggy and negative ease mean it’s tight?

    1. Basically. Negative ease means that my hat has a smaller measurement than my head and has to stretch to fit. Positive ease means my hat is bigger than my head.

  7. I love the hat, Andi, and this is exactly what I was looking for a couple of months ago. I guess I’ll knit it for next winter 😉

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