I’ve got a new cardigan pattern out called Hortencia, and I’m so happy to finally have it released! This isn’t the first version of this basic design. The first version was my first cropped cardigan ever and my second sweater knit without a pattern. The fit was a little questionable, and the design had a few quirks. I attempted to sort out the problems on a couple different occasions, and I finally decided to strip down the design and focus on achieving the general look instead of trying to recreate a better fitting version of the same sweater.


And that’s how Hortencia came about four years after the original. I realized that I really just wanted a squishy garter stitch collar, a deep v-neck, and full sleeves, and this sweater is everything I dreamed of. Unlike the first version, this sweater is entirely seamless and features my favorite short row sleeve cap. The collar is also shaped with short rows, and all of the short rows make it surprisingly addictive to knit. I always get hooked by the just-one-more effect of short rows.


Hortencia comes in 7 sizes with bust measurements ranging from 29 to 53 inches. It’s knit using Cascade 220 on 5mm needles. You can buy it now for $6.50, take a look at Hortencia in the shiny, new shop section of Untangling Knots, or check it out on Ravelry!


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