Bulky Cowl for Britta




My sister got an I-Owe-You for Christmas knits, and I let her choose between the dog sweater I was originally planning to make and the giant cowl I told her I didn’t have time to knit before Christmas. She chose the giant cowl, and I started it as soon as I could. I cast on a bunch of stitches using HiKoo Kenzie yarn held double, and then I just k1tbl, p1 around and around. I went through four skeins of yarn before I decided it was big enough. I think it ended up just right because it’s quite dramatic but not too deep to comfortably loop around your neck twice.







2 responses to “Bulky Cowl for Britta”

  1. That’s definitely a gift worth waiting for! It looks super squishy and cozy. And let’s face it, it’ll still be winter for a little while, she’ll get some good use out of it this season!

    1. Oddly enough, it’s in the 70s where she lives so I’m not sure when/where she’ll actually wear it. I was kind of surprised that she wanted something so warm!

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