2014 Goals

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I hope everyone has a happy New Year and had fun on New Year’s Eve. I took a look at last year’s post of plans for 2013, and I think I did quite well with the important ones.

1. Knit More Sweaters — I knit 9!
2. Sew More — I didn’t sew a ton, but I did make my first dress.
3. Knit Some Slipper Socks — This still hasn’t happened. Oh, well!
4. Figure Out How To Take Decent Photos In My Apartment — I haven’t found a better place to take photos, but I have gotten better at editing them so they look okay.
5. Publish More Patterns — I definitely made this happen.

Not too shabby! I know I do better with vague goals than specific ones, which is why I don’t do real resolutions. I like writing down the direction I want to go in for the upcoming year, but I need flexibility.

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This year’s goals are to…

1. Design More Accessories – I knit a lot of accessories, but I always make plain-Jane stuff, and I don’t write anything down. I’d like to change that.
2. Release At Least One Pattern Per Month – This is completely manageable if I stay organized. There’s no reason for me to have a bunch of releases all at once and then nothing for over a month.
3. Stick To A Budget But Still Have A Social Life – I’ve had trouble with this since I moved to Seattle because you can’t really do inexpensive nights in with close friends if you don’t have close friends yet. But now I do, so it’s time to work on finding a good balance like I used to have.
4. Start Asking For Yarn Support – I like shopping for yarn at my local yarn store, but I feel like I’m missing out on networking and potential collaborations.
5. Work On My Photography – I want to play with my camera more, and I need to find more places to take pattern photos.

Those are my big goals for 2014! What have you got planned?







7 responses to “2014 Goals”

  1. Lisa

    I know these aren’t slipper socks but they are slippers! And they’re super cute! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hopsalots

    1. I love those slippers. I even bought the pattern last year, but I never started for some reason.

      1. Lisa

        They are super easy slippers to knit. The hardest part is felting.I knitted them both in a few days but the felting took forever. I’m going to try them again but make them a little wider and shorter.

        As a side note, you should do a simple cropped cardi with a peter pan collar!

  2. Oh my gosh those are cute slippers! 🙂 About your patterns for the new year, will you be taking any recommendations or do you have your ideas set? I was just wondering because I have a few ideas I’d love you you make patterns for.

    1. I have multiple notebooks full of ideas that I’d like to turn into patterns. Sadly I have more ideas than time.

  3. I was super nervous about asking for yarn support the first time and though I haven’t done it a ton, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how readily most of the companies I’ve contacted have said yes. I guess when you think about it it makes a lot of sense for them to do it, since it’s really inexpensive advertising for them, as long as the designer follows through. I did put quite a bit of work into putting together a really polished media kit, so maybe that helps too, but I bet you’ll get a great response since you already have a good portfolio of patterns going 🙂

  4. These are great goals! Good luck with them! And hey, if you’re ever interested in getting together for a crafting get-together, let me know!

    Ladyface Blog

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