Forgotten Inspiration

When I spotted this burgundy Ultra Alpaca yarn at my yarn store, I knew immediately that I needed to make a v-neck cardigan from it. I didn’t know where that thought came from. Sometimes the yarn just speaks to you, and sometimes you’re subconsciously remembering something you admired in a similar color. In this cardigan’s case, I think there was a bit of the latter.


The other day I was knitting away on this sweater while catching up on the second season of Call the Midwife, and I suddenly realized where my burgundy, v-neck cardigan idea might have come from! The midwives wear plain stockinette, v-neck cardigans in a similar color over their pale blue uniforms. I had been watching the first season a few weeks before I bought this yarn, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have given me that idea I had in the yarn store. It’s funny how inspiration can work like that.






5 responses to “Forgotten Inspiration”

  1. I love that series! It’s a great gem of a show. I love those sweaters too, and have thought how wonderfully the BBC always manages to get the costuming on their period pieces.

  2. Cindy O

    Love Call the Midwifes and I really wanted to make a red sweater like they wear, so perfect and will go over anything.

    Can’t wait to see your version.

  3. Laura

    I love that show! Your yarn colour is beautiful, I hope hope HOPE there’s going to be a pattern! xx

  4. I love their little red cardigans (and their hats)! I finished up the second season over the weekend (while making my way through the second sleeve of Hetty) it’s really, really good!

  5. Yes! Call the Midwife is such a rich show, and I love the clothing. The last episode of season two really did me in.

    Can’t wait to see how your cardigan turns out. The color is perfect.

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