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After declaring myself too busy to knit any Christmas presents (and then starting one anyway), I somehow found myself ordering Quince & Co. Finch in red and white to knit myself The Perfect Christmas Jumper by Susan Crawford. I don’t know why I thought that I had the spare time to knit myself a Christmas sweater when I’m already telling people that I don’t have time to knit presents, but I’ve been wanting to knit this sweater for years, and I finally couldn’t resist it. For a long time I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t knit a Christmas sweater because you can only wear it for a month or so, but now that I have quite a few hand knit sweaters, that no longer matters as much. I’m curious about how other people feel about hand knit Christmas sweaters. Have you made one or would you?





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  1. Constance

    I feel you. I too am forgoing holiday knitting because of my busy schedule yet, it’s always that one project you just can’t resist. I love Christmas inspired sweaters and I see myself knitting one in the future a year or two from now. I would probably lean more towards season-inspired knits such as snowflakes, pine trees, or the simple reindeer on the jumper you are about to create. Simply because you can definitely get away with wearing those throughout winter rather than say a Santa Claus or red-nosed reindeer or a Christmas tree with presents, which look best in December only.

    I can’t wait to see your finished sweater because I have long admired that sweater created by other Ravelers. It’s gorgeous.

    OAN: That book has some gorgeous knits and I need to find a way to add it to my library.

  2. I just picked up a sweater quantity of yarn, myself, even though I will not be able to knit for myself until January AND have never finished a sweater. It happens, there is no explanation! That red will look great on you.

  3. I made Kate Davies’s Boreal last year which I think is more of a winter sweater (it has snowflakes and mine is grey) but can also be a Christmas sweater if, you know, it is Christmas.

  4. I so would! I’ve been drooling over HelenKnitsUK’s version of this sweater since she posted it last year:

    So cute. Can’t wait to see your version.

  5. Theresa

    I’m so wanting to knit the childrens’ version for my children, so far they’ve all turned their collective noses up at it, perhaps I’ll have to make one for myself if I can’t convince them soon. It’ll look lovely on you and the colour is beautiful.

  6. Definitely worth it! It’s a brilliant jumper. I’ve always put off knitting it, too. Maybe I’ll get around to it for next Christmas.

  7. Tanya

    I’ve made the Perfect Christmas Jumper! (Mine’s the grey one with the red reindeer and green trees on Ravelry). Even though I do only wear it for about three months of the year (I decided November and January are both acceptable months for it…!) I still think it was worth it. The fact that I can’t wear it all year round makes it feel more special when I can wear it. And – it’s an amazing pattern!

  8. This is going to be so cute! I say go for it (although I, personally, could never find the time)!

  9. I’ve always wanted to knit the Susan Crawford sweater however I’m not as confident doing colour work since changing the method of knitting for work. So maybe a little practice to be had first for something so large. However I’ve committed my winter to a project rather than presents I’m knitting a really old Sirdar Lingerie pattern. I’m on the Vest at the moment and I’m getting through it at a good pace. Although I’ve had to set myself a minimum of rows to be worked otherwise I think I’d put it down and never see it again. Can’t wait to see future updates of the sweater. x

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