Never Without Knitting!


I had a few October 30th deadlines, and on Halloween I realized that I had nothing on my needles but a lot of knitting time a head of me. I quickly cast on this little shawl using the Hazel Knits Entice I bought a few weeks ago. I had started planning what this shawl would look like after I bought the yarn, but I never completely decided on what I was doing with the edge, and I still haven’t! I have a swatch with an i-cord bind off that I love because it gives the shawl very clean lines, but I keep wondering if I something lacier might be more fun. I also haven’t decided how big to make the thing. I should probably start trying to figure this stuff out, but for now I’m just enjoying knitting it. The yarn is super soft and lovely to work with.






6 responses to “Never Without Knitting!”

  1. An applied edging might be really cute.

  2. Cheryl

    I totally get it!!!! Very pretty. Keep knitting. It will come to you. The diagonals are lacey enough. I cord would be very pretty. So would a block of horizontal knitting with a lace pattern that finishes in a picot bindoff, but that would be much bigger.

  3. Whenever I pull out my needles at a restaurant or gathering, my husband teases me with “ABK!”: Always Be Knitting! And it’s true.

    1. That’s my only secret for how I get so much knitting done! I do it at every spare moment.

      1. I mostly knit while waiting (for my husband, in the car, at the post office). It’s an amazing manifestation of extra time that would otherwise be lost, or wasted checking Facebook.

  4. Kirsten Hinkle

    Andi, The yarn is so pretty and the color so strong, so simple textual edging, maybe a small looped edge using a more petite “I-cord loop. I believe that I saw it recently and was even don as doing EZ’s I- code bind off. Darn I wish I could remember! After reading some of your old blogs, I realized that you and I attended the same college, University of Puget Sound. Course my time was a long time ago. I graduated in 1982. I loved it though and many is the time I wish I had stayed in the North West. There are times when it’s just nice to know that the world isn’t so big after all! good luck on the shawl. can’t wait to see it! 🙂

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