Them! was kind of my introduction to B-horror movies. My mom loves this movie, and it’s the first B-movie I remember seeing as a little kid. We watched this one whenever it was on TCM, and now my mom and I like have little B-movie marathons when I come visit in the fall. I usually work on my knitting, and she works on her crochet or sews.

Them! is a classic 50s horror movie, and it has all the right elements. Nuclear bomb side effects? Check! Science fear? Check! Gigantification? Check! Radiation from nuclear bomb testing accidentally causes a hive of ants to become giant monsters. Although our heroes locate and gas the nest in New Mexico, a newly hatched queen manages to fly away. Where to? LA, of course! Although it’s a monster movie, Them! is structured a lot like murder mysteries from that decade, and I think that’s what makes it so much fun.






4 responses to “Them!”

  1. Andi, you should write a book called…”Knitting at the Movies” it would be great. There are movies for all seasons just like knitting. I tell ya it would be a hit! 🙂 Kirsten

  2. I agree, you should write “Knitting at the Movies” 🙂 Great idea!

  3. I loved Them! I think I saw it for the first time at school. I guess it passed as a good “science” movie.

  4. Greta

    Love this movie! I grew up watching this and our favorite line to quote as a family is “Make me a sergeant, give me the booze!” Definitely an entertaining movie!

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