Tag: MHM2013

  • The Haunting

    Happy Halloween, everyone! To wrap up this year’s month of horrible movies, we have one of my favorite old haunted house movies: The Haunting. Despite the over the top acting and bad voice over, this movie is exceptionally good at building tension and using sound effects at just the right moment. It strikes the right […]

  • Mark of the Vampire

    What can I say about Mark of the Vampire? It’s so strange that I’m not entirely certain if it’s just a delightfully bad movie or if it’s actually a horror satire. It’s one of those movies that most people seem to love or hate because it is so odd, and you really have to see […]

  • Them!

    Them! was kind of my introduction to B-horror movies. My mom loves this movie, and it’s the first B-movie I remember seeing as a little kid. We watched this one whenever it was on TCM, and now my mom and I like have little B-movie marathons when I come visit in the fall. I usually […]

  • The Cat People

    In the early days of film, producers had a lot more creative control than the directors, and you can see that in the similar dark and eery ambiance of movies Val Lewton produced. The Cat People is my favorite of his movies, although I Walked With a Zombie and Isle of the Dead are great, […]

  • The Killer Shrews

    It’s that time of year, again! Every October I feature some horrible movies that are fun to knit to. Last year I featured bad vampire movies, and I liked having a theme, so this year I’ll be looking at classic horror movies from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I have to give a shout out […]