Double Twist Loop Cast On


I found the double twist loop cast on in The Knitter’s Handbook, and the description made me make my skeptical face. It is basically just the backwards loop cast on with an extra twist, but The Knitter’s Handbook alleges that it makes a sturdier cast on edge. I couldn’t figure out how it was going to add more strength, so I had to try it.


After making my swatch, I felt like my skepticism was justified. It’s not significantly sturdier despite being twice as bulky as the backwards loop cast on. Although it doesn’t look as loose as the backwards loop cast on, it’s still just as stretchy and shapeless.


When casting on at the end of the row, the double twist loop cast on has the same loose stitch issue as the backwards loop cast on. The extra twist really doesn’t bring anything special to this cast on. It might be marginally prettier, but that’s about it. It’s not attractive enough for me to want to use it somewhere it wouldn’t get hidden away, and I’d choose the less bulky backwards loop cast on over this one if I was planning on picking up stitches.





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