Crocheted Slip Stitch


As a seaming technique, I love crocheted slip stitch a little more than I should. It makes for a bulky seam, and it’s not the most elegant choice, but it’s fast and easy and doesn’t require digging out a yarn needle.


It’s done from the back side of the knitting, and you simply insert your hook through both layers of fabric and work slip stitches. This uses a lot more yarn per stitch than other seaming stitches, and creates a lot of extra bulk, but the nice thing about this stitch is that you don’t have to guess how much yarn you’ll need before you start so you typically won’t run out before you reach the end of the seam.


So what is it useful for? When working with lighter weight yarns to seam, you can get away with crocheting the seams. The extra bulk is less noticeable with finer weight yarns. Crocheted seams are the most useful for basting pieces temporarily because they’re quick to create and even quicker to take apart. Simply unpick the final knot, give the yarn a tug, and the seam will swiftly unravel. If you’re working on a seamed project and want to try on some pieces before you’re ready to commit to a time consuming final seaming stitch, crochet is a great choice.






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  1. Oh, this is great! I hate mattress stitch seaming, so I’ll have to give this a try next time.

  2. k

    nice article, really useful for seaming beginners like myself 🙂

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