• Back Stitch

    When I read about the back stitch as a recommended seaming stitch in The Knitter’s Handbook, I kind of scoffed. I knew how poorly the running stitch had worked, and I assumed that the back stitch would be equally bad and bulkier. Oh, was I wrong about that! This stitch is worked from the wrong […]

  • Mattress Stitch

    Good old mattress stitch is always my first choice for a seam that needs to look good. The instructions for it in The Knitter’s Handbook pair it with what they call “fake grafting” for the horizontal seams, but the zigzag motion is similar so I’m calling it all mattress stitch here. It’s worked with the […]

  • Crocheted Slip Stitch

    As a seaming technique, I love crocheted slip stitch a little more than I should. It makes for a bulky seam, and it’s not the most elegant choice, but it’s fast and easy and doesn’t require digging out a yarn needle. It’s done from the back side of the knitting, and you simply insert your […]

  • Running Stitch

    It’s been a long time since I last did a mini series of techniques, and I thought it was time to bring them back! For my mini series I choose one technique, try out four different ways to do it using The Knitter’s Handbook as my guide, and share my thoughts on each version over […]