New Beginner’s Pattern: A Gorgeous Kerchief


This summer I started writing knitting tutorials and patterns for, and the first one is up! It’s a beginner level pattern for a simple ribbed kerchief. It’s targeted towards knitters who can cast on, knit, and purl and are ready to branch out a little, so it includes detailed instructions on the two double decreases the pattern features, sk2p and k3tog. It also has a little tutorial on how to style your kerchief like I did. I know most of you have moved beyond the basics, but this is still a fun, quick, one skein project. For mine, I used a ball of Malabrigo Arroyos, and I designed the project on 4.5 mm needles so the kerchief drapes well and doesn’t take long to make.







6 responses to “New Beginner’s Pattern: A Gorgeous Kerchief”

  1. Oh this is perfect for me!!!!! SO excited, thank you! 🙂

    1. I saw this, and immediately thought, “I wonder if Rochelle has seen this?”

      Super cute, and perfect for us lovers of vintage!

  2. Very cute and it suits you well. I do loooooove that sweater, too!

  3. Cast it on today! Just what I needed to brush off the cobwebs before finishing my Chuck from earlier this year (I am sooooo not a summer knitter).

  4. Kamille

    Omg, I love the sweater!!! Did you knit it yourself??

    1. Yep! I used a vintage pattern from A Stitch in Time.

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