A Forgotten FO



I was digging through my accessories drawer, looking for a belt, when I ran across this hat I made, and I realized that I never shared it here! Last spring I had a funny spot on my scalp that had to be removed, and I went to my old dermatologist near my parents to get it done. The spot turned out to be nothing to worry about, but I had stitches that had to be kept covered for two weeks. A giant bandage on the side of my head isn’t my favorite look ever, and I suddenly regretted not bringing a hat or something to hide it under for when I’d have to go to the airport to head back to Seattle. Well, I did what any knitter would do! I raided my mom’s yarn stash and whipped myself up a quick broken rib beanie. I’m not usually a beanie person, but sometimes they’re exactly what I need, and they’re always fun to knit.







6 responses to “A Forgotten FO”

  1. I love it 🙂 great colour and stitch choice! Glad the funny spot turned out fine. Did the hair grow back okay?

    Barnicles x

    1. Thanks! My hair grows like a weed, and I already had a healthy patch of stubble by the time I had to get my stitches out.

  2. what a good solution. Knitting fixes everything.

  3. Being a knitter is an awesome thing, especially a fast one in your case, when you need something, you can just make it! Great looking hat!

  4. I’m glad to hear that the spot was nothing to worry about. And I love your knitting solution.

  5. Good thing your mom has such great colors in her stash. Glad to hear everything is ok.

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