That Giant Granny Square


I’ve been working on my granny square blanket a bit more, and I just finished the second full set of stripes. When I was planning my blanket, I had no idea how much yarn each stripe would need, so I decided that I wanted a minimum of two stripes of each color, and I bought two skeins of each color to be certain that it would happen.


Well, I’m two stripes in, and I still have a full skein of each color! I’m pretty pleased about that because while the blanket is smaller than I would like. I know I should be able to get at least one more set of stripes, but my optimistic side is hoping to squeeze out a partial fourth set. We’ll see what happens!





4 responses to “That Giant Granny Square”

  1. When I first picked up the crochet hook to try something new I learnt how to make standard granny squares and decided upon a granny square blanket I used oddment balls of Sublime I bought cheap from work but eventually reached the point where a round was one ball. I stopped there so it didn’t make a dent in my stash that was too deep to repair lol! 😀
    But they do look beautiful and effective I especially like your colour choices, beautiful!

  2. Ah yes – the reliable, faithful old granny square blanket. Do you find that it’s often easier to design in crochet than it is in knit? Or are they about the same for you? I have a couple of designs I’m working on, before diving back into Christmas knitting and some crochet class samples. It looks like I’m not knitting or crocheting much for myself this year, which was kind of a hope. 🙂 Oh well – as long as the people I love are warm!

    1. I don’t have a real answer! They’re just different. I have more ideas for knitting designs than crochet ones so I guess in that sense it’s easier for me to design knits.

  3. Love this! I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in almost 15 years (other than to weave in ends), but I keep seeing so many awesome crochet projects like this one that are tempting me to pick one up again.

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