I gave in and bought yarn for a new sweater project. I made a ton of progress on my other projects this weekend, so I think I’m safe starting a cardigan for myself. This yarn is going to be turned into a simply two-color cardigan with intarsia headphones on the back. It’s kind of a indulgent projects because it’s going to be a little tackier than something I normally would design, but there’s some back story here. I sketched the sweater in 2008 in an old notebook that I can’t find anymore before I has successfully knit a sweater or even knew what intarsia was. At the time it was precisely the sort of thing I would love, but I just didn’t know how to go forward with the sweater. The idea stuck with me for some reason, and now that I have the skills to make it happened and no other projects planned, I thought why not make it happen?


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