A Red Cowl


Quite a few people have mentioned on their Ravelry project pages that they ran out of yarn while knitting Salt. I started to wonder if my original sample was recreatable of if I would also run out of yarn. Conveniently, I had a skein of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky which is almost identical to Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande except the skein only has 108 yards instead of 110. If yardage was tight, I was destined to run out.


But I didn’t. I had a little bit of yarn leftover. I have no idea why people are running out of yarn, except that the gauge I have listed on Ravelry is for garter stitch, and it’s notoriously difficult to measure gauge on that. I included if so knitters could see if they have similar yarn without having the stitch pattern available to swatch. The most accurate swatch to check your gauge is in the stitch pattern used on the cowl. My only guess is that people who are running out of yarn are working at an ever-so-slightly different gauge.







5 responses to “A Red Cowl”

  1. Shannon

    I love it, especially with the Trashy Diva dress.

  2. Ramona

    I love your dress! You have so many of them. Do you prefer any special brands?


    1. They’re from all over the place. This one, as Shannon mentioned, is from Trashy Diva, but I can’t say I’d recommend them anymore. The last dress I bought from them wasn’t made as well as their older dresses.

  3. Vallary

    This is a pretty common issue with lace patterns from what I’ve noticed when browsing shawls and stuff on Ravelry. I think it has to do with how much yarn people use when making yarnovers.

    1. Interesting! I haven’t heard that before, but it totally makes sense.

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