Another Quick Collar

I mentioned that I wanted to try making another collar in a darker color to see if it was more wearable, and I was in the mood for an instant gratification project so I picked up a hook to make this. I grabbed some leftover Madelinetosh on my desk and got crocheting, but I only had enough yarn for five motifs instead of seven so I ended up with a much snugger collar that doesn’t really work with my wardrobe.


I happened to mention in passing at Thanksgiving that I had made a failed collar, and a certain sibling of mine hinted heavily that she wouldn’t mind another crocheted collar. I think I’ll tuck this in with her Christmas present. The other collar I made her is starting to look a little sad because she wears it so much.







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  1. Happy Birthday Andi!

    I hope you have a great day!

    Molly : )

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