This past weekend was Knit Fit and I went to a Game Knitting night run by Lee Meredith. Game Knitting is a lot like a drinking game where you watch a movie, and you do something every time something occurs from a list of things. We watched Say Anything, and I chose to make a super bulky cowl using Rowan Big Wool that has been hanging out in my stash for years.


My goal was to have my project be finished by the end of the a movie, and a super bulky cowl with eyelets was the perfect project for that. I used 9mm circular needles and cast on enough stitches to fill my needles, and every time something happened, I made a yo and k2tog. I cast on while Lee explained the game, and I bound off during the credits. The eyelets ended up totally random and chaotic looking. The finished cowl is pretty fun.


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