A Summer Top Just In Time for the End of Summer


I have an interesting wardrobe because I don’t buy clothing very frequently, and I keep what I do have for ages. There have been a few additions here and there, but for the last couple of years, I’ve devoted most of my shopping to expanding my dress collection. Earlier this year I suddenly realized that my selection of separates was pretty sad. As a California native, I pretty much live in tank tops. It’s hot out? They’re perfect. It’s cold out? Well, that’s what cardigans are for! The end result was I had very few interesting  summer tops. Being a crafty lady, instead of just going out and buying a few tops, I decided to make some. That’s how this top came to be.


The shape is very simple. It’s just a trapezoid with a rectangle of ribbing. You can see the basic shape here. It’s based on a dress that I’m fond of, but it’s also just a common shape for sweaters from the 40s and 50s.


I used 3.25 mm needles for the ribbing and a 3.5 mm hook for the body. My gauge worked out to be two rib stitches per double crochet which was perfect. I knew the ribbing would go over my hips, and I wanted plenty of ease. I ended up buying six skeins of Spud and Chloe Fine in order to finish this, two skeins of each color. I used up all but scraps of the white, but I have the majority of my second green and yellow skeins leftover. I need to figure out what to do with that.




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23 responses to “A Summer Top Just In Time for the End of Summer”

  1. Socks! I just finished a pair in S&C fine, and they turned out great.

    Have you ever knit socks? You tend to make sweaters.

    1. Yeah. I’m not really a sock person. I tend to wear tights or go sockless for most of the year. I only wear socks layered over tights when it’s REALLY cold, and those tend to be knee socks.

  2. Ha! I did the same thing & finished a lacy tank top just in time for the end of the season for it. Your top is so pretty & you wear it exceptionally well !

  3. This is so nice!

  4. I was going to say socks too. I’ve got a pair on today made of the same yarn.
    I do like that top. The neckline is wonderful.

  5. Wow! It’s great! I’ve found out that’s it’s indeed a 50’s shape when I was looking thruogh vintage books. Your top’s really feminine!

  6. May I say that I was skeptical when I first saw the stitch pattern and the colors but your sweatshirt turns out great. I love it !

  7. Whaaaa! I’m totally in love! For some reason I thought you were making a cardigan with that ripple pattern, but I love this SO MUCH more!

    1. It’s an understandable assumption. This is only my 5th pullover sweater, three of which I made this year. I’m a cardigan junky.

  8. Cute top! Great colors and style!

  9. it came out really great! really. it’s a stunner 🙂 and I’m surprised by how simple the shape is, given how flattering it is.

  10. Ooooh, very pretty. I love the colors and the waves. 🙂

  11. gorgeous! This is one top that I would be willing to learn crochet for!

  12. I love it!! And the way you styled it with the red belt is perfection.

  13. Looks amazing. I bet that will become a favorite and have a long life in your wardrobe.

  14. Lauren

    Oh this is super cute! Nice work. I love the deep V. Are you going to release a pattern? Or maybe just share it between roommates? I could learn to crochet for this…

    1. The “pattern” is just a drawing on a Post-It note with some measurements. I might write up something on how to calculate sweaters in this shape because it is ridiculously simple.

  15. So cute! I love it when people can make and rock crocheted garments.

  16. this turned out magnificently! just gorgeous to the nth degree!!

  17. It’s fabulous! The shape is perfect.

  18. Aimee Hazuda

    I love it! Did you ever “write up” the pattern….I’m not as gifted as you with translating patterns….

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