My Yellow Cardigan


This sweater was so quick and easy to knit that I don’t really have much to say about it! I shouldn’t be too surprised that it was pain free because I’ve knit a few sweaters using this construction method, but I usually change my mind about some design detail and rip everything out when I’m half finished. I wish all of my projects turned out like this.


It turned out even better than I expected. My sketches were a little ugly because I was trying to cram so many details on a little drawing, but the cables work on the actual sweater. I really love it.








23 responses to “My Yellow Cardigan”

  1. Oh my gosh, I love it! The color, cable, crop – it all works together so wonderfully.

  2. just stunning!

  3. it looks awesome! perfectly wearable, fits great, lovely details and best of all, it’s yellow!

  4. Wow, great! If you decide to make it into a pattern (and I hope you do), I would love to knit one my self 馃檪

  5. Miss M


  6. I absolutely love this sweater, I adore the cable design in the front! I love how fast you churn out your designs. I wish I knit as fast as you do. You should consider doing some knitting tutorials on YouTube. I would love to learn from you!

    1. Haha! Thanks, but I’m not really that quick of a knitter. Cropped cardigans made in worsted weight yarn don’t involve a lot of stitches so they work up quickly even for slower knitters. I also haven’t had much of a social life since I moved to Seattle so all of my free time is spent knitting.

  7. It’s beautiful! Congrats on finishing it 馃檪

  8. omg I love everything about this sweater. So beautiful.

  9. Sooooo… Can we have a post on your blocking methods? Did it actually take a week to dry – or did you just wait till Monday to post..?
    Every time I decide, okay THIS time I’m going to block something, I always regret it! I end up stretching the piece out too far, all my shaping goes awry and I end up shaking my fists at the knitting gods. I bet you’ve got a great, full of common household items, technique…

    1. Blocking itself didn’t take a week, but I live in Seattle so it takes 2-3 days for a sweater to dry. I waited for a sunny day to block it, and I don’t blog on weekends.

      I don’t have a fancy blocking method. I just hand wash my sweater, lay it flat making sure that the button bands line up and leave it to dry. I can’t be bothered to pin my sweaters every time I wash them, and you should block your sweaters and swatches in the same way that you clean them so your sweater always looks the same. I think you might be over thinking blocking.

  10. A lovely design. I like the deep V in front and the interesting cable work. It works perfectly with the cute dress you’re wearing too. Very nicely done!

  11. That’s a really interesting cable design. And a cute cardigan!

  12. Eva

    The sweater looks lovely. I really like the cables at the button bands.

  13. Misiula

    It’s absolutely fantastic! I love it!

  14. Ah, yellow is the happiest color. This is another stunner, Andi! The cables are great, and it fits you so well!

  15. This is stunning! The cables are making lovely details.

  16. The yellow makes me so happy, and that cable is so beautiful, it makes the cardigan look really interesting. The shape is also very flattering on you; well done!

  17. It’s beautiful and it looks so great on you.

  18. i adore it! i’m especially fond of the color!

  19. Absolutely stunning! Fabulous work! 馃檪

  20. Silvana

    Gostaria da receita!

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