It’s not blocked yet, but I’m declaring this one to be done! I’m waiting until the weather is a little less crazy before I block this so I can open the windows up and air out that wet wool smell. Today we had some lovely sideways rain. Then the rain went away, but the wind stayed which still doesn’t make for a blocking friendly environment.


Surprisingly, this didn’t turn out too different from what I had originally sketched. I struggled a bit to get the front right and the neckline is lower than I planned on, but everything else came together nicely. It was a really quick knit once I had a solid idea of what I was doing with the body.


I left the back pretty plain. I know some people prefer sweaters that have something cool going on all over, but a cabled back sounded like it would be more work than it’s worth for me. I’m lazy and slow at working cables. I liked how quickly I could whip through the stockinette sections and get back to the main cables.


The construction is similar to my usual top down seamless construction. I knit the front and back separately but attached to each other at the shoulders and then joined in the round at the underarms. I knit the body in one piece with waist shaping. When I was done with the body I picked up stitches around the armholes and used short rows to shape the sleeve caps. I knit the sleeves in the round so all I had to do was weave in a few ends when I was done with the sleeves. In case you haven’t noticed, I love this construction method.


Some people have asked if I’m going to write up the pattern for this. I do plan on writing up the pattern, but it probably won’t be available until next fall. There’s quite a bit of technical stuff left to do and I have a hard time getting that part of pattern writing done while balancing school work. Thank you for your interest, though! That helps drive me to get things written up.


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