Granny Square Bunting

I’ve had these granny squares lying around for a while since I scrapped the original project I had planned to make with them. I also had a really blank wall that was between two windows. I decided to solve both problems in one go and made my granny squares into bunting to hang between the windows.


The construction was simple. I chained two stitches, slip stitches across the top of a square, and then chained two more stitches before moving on the the next square. After that I single crocheted back across the top. The squares ended up nicely spaced and they look good up on my wall.


The only problem is that this bunting is kind of heavy so it falls down occasionally. It’s longer than my knit bunting, but I was still surprised by how much more the crocheted bunting weighs. I guess that’s the downside to crochet.







11 responses to “Granny Square Bunting”

  1. Cool! It looks great – I hope you can find a way to stabilize it so it stops falling down!

  2. Cute – what a great idea!

  3. Crocheted stuff can be heavy, yes. I am always surprised when I see someone sporting a crocheted sweater or jacket, it must be murder to wear an entire day!

    I love the bunting! Hm.. I have a whole stack of squares somewhere, and an empty kitchen wall…

  4. I may need to get on this and make something for my spare bedroom! Bunting is a great idea!

  5. What a cute and wonderful idea! Is there a way of attaching it to the curtain-rod fittings of the two windows it sits between, to stop it falling down?

    1. That’s not a bad idea, but our windows have Venetian blinds so there’s no where to attach stuff.

  6. Cute!! What a fab idea! 🙂 x

  7. love this! so adorable with the crochet…

  8. What a cute idea! Worth it alone for learning how to crochet square.

  9. so effing cute.

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