Day 1 of a Month of Craft Photos

Day 01

The first day of A Month of Craft Photos is “You in action” so I snapped a picture of myself working on my orange pullover. I set it aside for awhile to decide if I really wanted to rip it back. In the end I realized that it wasn’t quite what I had in mind so I did frog the front for a second time. I haven’t made much progress because adjusting to the new semester’s work load took some time, but I’m starting to get used to my schedule so I’ve been able to work on it again.

You can see how other people interpreted “You in action” over at the Flickr group. To keep this project from completely taking over my blog, I’m only going to post my pictures here once or twice a week.





4 responses to “Day 1 of a Month of Craft Photos”

  1. Off to a great start! This is a great shot.

  2. I loved your first shot! I’m having fun so far! And as for the blog, I was thinking of taking the same approach with my posting.

  3. What a cute picture!! Definitely better than mine, I’m-too-tired-to-be-artsy picture over on my own blog 😛

  4. Love that orange. I always wondered what I looked like crafting. I must get myself a tripod and take pictures!

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