Sometimes when I take my blog pictures I fall into a rut where I’m just documenting my crafts and not making much of an effort with the pictures. I don’t take my pictures creatively. I take them so they clearly show off my work. It doesn’t have to be an either or situation like this. There’s room for both kinds of photos. I just need to work on it so, after seeing some photo a day prompts for January, I decided to come up with a month of craft photos to practice.
Everyday in the month of February I am going to use this list to take a crafty photo everyday. I kept some of the days pretty abstract and vague so there are lots of options to play with. Each day I’m going to photograph my crafts, craft supplies, and/or craft inspiration, but most of the days can be interpreted in a variety of ways within the overall theme. I was originally just coming up with a list for myself so it was very knit-centric, but I thought it would be fun to invite everyone to play along so I’ve attempted to come up with a list that works for most crafts. I even threw in a 30th day so you can skip a day that doesn’t work for you.

A Month of Craft Photos
If you’d like to join in, I set up a group on Flickr for this so it will be easy to share photos. Please feel free to repost and share the photo prompt if you decide to give this a try.


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